Membership Incentive Program

Help us grow!

For every new Co-op member you recruit as a fully-paid $100 lifetime member, you will receive a free Ellensburg Food Co-op T-Shirt.

About the Program

The Membership Incentive Program is designed to encourage our current members of the Co-op to recruit and sign up new members.

If every member would sign up only two new members, we would exceed our goal of 400 members to open our storefront in downtown Ellensburg.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Talk with your friends. Let them know the value of buying local, organic products through the Co-op.
  2. Download and print out membership forms for your friends to fill out. Membership forms may also be picked up at the Online Market when you receive your purchases or from Brick Mill Books at 501 Main Street, Ellensburg
    Have your friends register and pay online with our online registration form
  3. Include your name under "recruited by" or have your friends type in your name as "recruited by" on theĀ online membership form

How it Works - The Fine Print

  • New members must include your name on the membership form as "recruited by".
  • New members must fully pay the $100 lifetime membership fee upon joining.
  • The Member Incentive Program will run between May 15 and May 31.
  • This offer is only available to current, fully paid, members of the Co-op.