Becoming a Producer

Producers may check orders and product listings by logging in to your home page with your username/password. If you are not yet a registered producer, information on becoming a producer for the Ellensburg food co-op follows.

  • Register with the Online Market as a member
    1. If you are not yet a Online Market member, you must first create an online account using the Online Registration Form.
  • Once your account is created, register as a producer
    1. Log In to the Ellensburg Food Coop with your username and password
    2. After logging in, fill out the Online Producer Application
    3. The Co-op's Standards Committee will review your application and contact you with any questions
    4. The Standards Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding accepting your application to become a producer
    5. The Board votes to approve your producer application
  • Once your producer application is accepted
    1. Log in to your account and add your products available for sale. Producers set their own prices.

How to Sell Food Online with Ellensburg Food Cooperative

Acting as the agent of producer members, the Ellensburg Food Cooperative posts on the Internet and publicizes the products the producers have for sale. We receive orders, provide a way for products to be delivered to local customers, and collects from the customers and forwards the payments to the producers.

The essential business of the Ellensburg Food Cooperative is to provide a marketplace where willing buyers and sellers can meet. At no time does the cooperative ever have title to any of the products. We have no inventory. The products that go through our distribution system are owned either by the producer, or by the customer who purchases "title" to the product from the producer.

  1. Producers log in and list what they have available to sell. The producer sets his or her own prices for products. The computer will calculate the retail prices for you when you put in your selling price.
  2. As customer members shop and place products in their shopping cart, your inventories are available to them based on your posted quantities on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  3. The order cycle closes.
  4. Producers check and pack their orders, upload weights, check unavailable products as "out of stock".
  5. Producers deliver to the Ellensburg Food Cooperative distribution center. Products are checked in at our distribution center
  6. Members pick up their orders that same day and enjoy the flavors of fresh, locally grown foods!

Notes on Becoming a Producer

  • Producers are required to follow all of our cooperative procedures
  • Producers must have a working email address
  • If any licenses or certificates are required for your product (e.g. health department inspection certificate for a kitchen, organic certification number, etc.), we must receive a copy of those documents before approving your application
    • Copies of your current licenses or certificates should be mailed to Ellensburg Food Coop, 1305 N. Main, Ellensburg, WA 98926
  • The approval process can take up to 2 weeks to complete.