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Upcoming Farm Events

alt Cloudview Ecofarms 4th Annual AbunDance Gathering, Saturday, August 18 beginning at 4:00 p.m.
Come gather at the Farm to celebrate the season and all the wonderful Abundance it provides! Musical acts Better Day and Pickled Okra will grace our stage, guaranteed to keep you dancing into the wee hours. View Details

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Ellensburg Food Co-op Producers
  1. Bill's Berry Farm
  2. Canyon River Bakers
  3. Canyon River Organics
  4. Cloudview Ecofarms
  1. Copper Spring Farm
  2. Footbridge Farm
  3. Fuzzy Rhino Organic Farm
  4. Heirloom Cattle Company
  1. Longhorn Cattle Co
  2. Naneum Farms
  3. Pure Country Pork
  4. Tieton Farm and Creamery
  1. Windy N Ranch
  2. Winzer Farm

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