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2331 Brickmill Road
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Highlights this Month

This month we are having our first "Customer Appreciation Day" at the Ranch as a "Thank You" to our current customers and also to inform and educate potential future customers about the health benefits of our Longhorn/Angus Cross Beef. Customers will also be able to place orders for a whole or half of beef that will be ready for processing in late summer/fall of 2013. A $100.00 deposit will secure your cost at the current pricing. Effective June 1, 2013, our prices will be increasing. If you'd like more information about our grass-fed & grass-finished beef, please contact us. Visitors are always welcome to stop by at Longhorn Cattle Company/Quarter Horse Ranch. Happy Trails.

About Us

On our ranch in Ellensburg, WA we've been raising high quality, free-range Texas Longhorn/Angus-Cross Grass-Fed Beef since 1951. Our cattle spend 7 months of the year on our summer range in Grand Coulee, WA and winter on our ranch in Ellensburg. Customers have always been able to buy halves & wholes of farm raised beef. We now process all of our meat through Vern's Meats in Moses Lake. Customers can also purchase select steaks and ground beef directly at the Ranch, through the Ellensburg Food Co-Op monthly Online Market...and now through Carlson's Quality Produce. All our beef is now USDA processed.


Natural Grass-fed & Grass-finished Texas Longhorn/Angus-Cross Beef.


100% pure beef.


Our breeding program allows us to produce the lean meat qualities from the Texas Longhorn, while adding a little more bulk and faster maturity in our calves from the Angus. We feed only the highest quality grasses and hay. No grain, animal by-products or growth hormones are fed to our cattle. No additives/fillers are used in processing our beef. Texas Longhorn cattle have the approval from the American Heart Assn. for lower cholestral and lower saturated fat while maintaining the great taste people love.

Additional Information

The Akehurst family's ranching heritage is based on protecting the livestock and the land, ensuring both continue to prosper and provide for our family and yours for future generations.

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